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Guided Independent Study (Grades 10-12)

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Motivated students with good essay writing skills, excellent time management, and the desire for a more personalized approach are a good fit for Guided Independent Study. The student and Mrs. Craven will collaborate on a reading list of eight texts centered around the student’s interests. Monthly one-on-one meetings will include discussion of key themes and elements in each literary selection as well as agreement on essay/project topics and deadlines. Between meetings, the student will be responsible for reading assigned texts, preparing for discussion, and completing essays/projects; Mrs. Craven will be available to answer questions via email. There will be process essays, timed essays, and project options throughout the year.

Day/Time  Flexible but requires one-hour monthly meetings scheduled from August to May.

Max Students  3 *2 Seats Left 

Syllabus  Possibilities include Genre Studies such as British literature, American literature, women’s literature, children’s literature, non-Western literature, poetry, drama, science fiction, etc.; Thematic Studies such as dystopia, freedom, race relations, hope, etc.; or Author Studies such as Lewis & Tolkien, Austen, Shakespeare, Doyle, etc.

Tuition  $450 plus a $20 non-refundable registration fee

Platform  The tutorial uses the flexible Google Classroom interface along with Zoom for live meetings.

Registration  By submitting a Registration form, you are reserving a seat for your student and agree to be billed once the minimum enrollment is met. The invoice will be payable upon receipt. Register here.

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