More Online Learning Options

Excellent online learning options abound. This page can help you find them.


REACH Tutorial offers a variety of online live, self-paced, and local (MI) classes in English, science, finance, and test prep. You can get in touch with Christine Filipek, Jamie Anderson, Caryl Veloso, and Sarah Westcott here.

Mathematics & Government

Cedar Grove Education offers algebra through calculus along with statistics and government taught by veteran teacher Michelle Glandon.


The Mystery of History author Linda Lacour Hobar offers live and self-paced history courses using her award-winning series.

Hazelton Academy offers history and geography classes taught by Kelly Knieper for middle and high school students.


ASL You Can Do offers live online classes in ASL 1, ASL 2, and ASL 3 with Ralph Dally, CTE.


Almond Tree Education offers workshops to help students prepare for college entrance exams. Choose from private, semi-private, or group options.