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Middle School

“[My husband] and I were gone all day yesterday, so when we got home, I told [my daughter] I got a message from you telling me she “rocked” English class yesterday. What a beautiful, confident smile she gave me. Thank you for being such an encouragement to her. She has also loved the books she has read for class so far this year. She…finished all the books early because she enjoyed them so much. She has asked for the rest of the books in the series.”

“I have really enjoyed this class, and there are many things I appreciate. Getting feedback on my work is one of the main things, and I have learned a lot this year. The games and discussion during the class period were also helpful and fun. Also, Mrs. Craven would respond almost immediately to my emails, which I really appreciated. The one thing I didn’t like so much was that I generally feel that my grades are higher than I deserved, and I might like the grading to be a bit more harsh. Other than that, I have found [Middle School English] to be very delightful.”

High School

“You have been monumental in [my daughter’s] life. She loves your classes, your teaching style, and your knowledge. This coming year, we both would like her to take a class that you are teaching as a senior. Your organization approach helped [her], and she learned so much from you. Each week she looked forward to your class. She loves literature because of you! She continually commented on how much she loved your classes. You provided an atmosphere with an appreciation for learning. It is with my deepest appreciation that I want to say “thank you!!!” Please let us know what class you will be teaching that [she] can attend as a senior because she will be first in line to take it. Blessings to you!! Thank you for impacting my daughter’s life!”

“I wanted to tell you thank you for all you taught me and for making me take notes in class. This year I have been taking classes at my local community college and scored into College Composition 1, which I took this fall. I often had to go back to the essay writing tools you taught as well as the skills you gave us for timed essays. I really don’t think I could have done the class if I did not have you as a teacher last year. Thank you so much! You were an amazing teacher! I hope you are well! God Bless!”

“I have learned how to structure a concise and well-written sentence. For as long as I can remember, I knew how to write a sentence, but during this class, I learned how to create a sentence that expressed eloquence. I believe that this tool will stick with me my entire life and benefit me for years to come. Thank you for an amazing year, Mrs. Craven!”

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