Online Tutorials

Group tutorials for middle and high school English students consist of live, online meetings over two 15-week semesters. Literature, composition, grammar, and vocabulary studies form the basis of each tutorial. The academic calendar is available here.

2022-2023 Registration opens February 15, 2022.  

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Amy Craven is a registered instructor with the Institute for Excellence in Writing. The middle school tutorials use IEW grammar and writing books along with literature focused on different eras, allowing students to spend one, two, or even three years solidifying their skills.

Build a strong foundation for high school English studies. In this tutorial, students learn how to analyze quality literature and write critical essays. An accompanying study skills element promotes good habits that will benefit students across disciplines.

Explore a variety of genres and voices relevant to the modern age. In this tutorial, students hone their writing skills across multiple essay platforms. An in-depth look at sentence construction adds sophistication to their compositions.

Delve into classic works of high literary merit and examine the human condition across time and place. In this tutorial, students polish their essay writing skills and prepare to meet the challenge of any upper high school or college English course.

Students will be inspired by new and emerging authors while covering the four facets of creative writing: novels, short stories, poetry, and creative nonfiction. This community is designed to help students grow as writers through dedicated independent reading, directed writing exercises, and safe workshop spaces.

In consultation with the tutor, students design their own independent study course covering eight texts in the genre of their choosing. Monthly meetings combined with asynchronous work keep students on track throughout the year.